Milftoon Drama Version 0.26 Download [v0.26] + Walkthrough

Walkthrough (v0.25):

We have added:
A New Location - The Pool
Many New Scenes with Linda and Alicia
Lots of storyline progression with Linda, Alicia and Maggie
A few bugs that made some animations weird
A bug that made Gloria's eyebrows to be missing on the pool scene

2 New Girls - The Dr Milf making her first Appearance and Maggie the Receptionist
2 New Locations - The Dr's Office and the Clinic Reception
Added a few scenes and lots of storyline progression with Alicia , Dr Milf , Gloria and Linda
We have added our first Choice System. You will see a small glimpse of it of how it will work towards the end of this update and this will start being a lot more intense when Part 3 of the game gets released in 2-4 more updates. This one is just small testing phase so we would really appreciate any kind of feedback on it.

Milftoon Drama v0.14 (Part 1):

Milftoon Drama v0.26 (Part 2):

SAVE FILE V0.25:!pyhXmahY!pfJ-UKvMyTgaCXXlDV_hr0u_4SvGg8yrI31moI6eez0

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