Milftoon Drama - Walkthrough

Walkthrough Milftoon Drama for 0.01-0.02:

1. Study until out of Spirit and then rest until Wed

2. Wed morning (8:00) exit the room and into the corridor. Turn off the heater. Then go back into your room and delay/play until 17:00. Go back into the corridor and open the bathroom door and walk in.

3. Grab the Shampoo bottle and click on the bath to view scene

4. Leave , get caught and select last option (unless you want to get punished)

5. Go downstairs into the living room and call Jason's house

6. Call Again but this time call Jason's Cell phone

7. Go in your room and study , rest , until you are at Study 25 at the morning (before 12:00)

8. Go to Kitchen , talk with milf and she will tell you the TAXI number

9. Talk to her again and she will tell you about Gina coming over on Saturdays

10. Call a Taxi and go to the shop. Talk with Jason and then drop your wallet on him. Buy the DVD (if you do not have enough money then return home and clean your room until you have enough)

11. Go home and use the DVD in the DVD player in your room. You will level up and get some cash.

12. Now you will have to earn .... LOTS of cash so you can buy things for Gina.

To get more cash , On a Wed do NOT turn off the heater and walk in on the milf at 17:00, the glass will hide her and you can view/check her bra/panties in the laundry to steal some money.
After this step you can visit the bathroom DAILY and collect each day a sum of 10-25 cash.

13 Extra Step/Not Mandatory. You can skip buying the Tablet but if you have time to spend then buy it. It will show you the progress you are making. Once you buy the pink pants and drill , return home and on Sat - 10:00 exit your room and return back to it so you can find Gina there waiting for you.

14. Give her the pink pants

15. Rest/ Go back into the show and buy the Extra Small Jeans (grind until you get the money for them)

16. Go back to your bedroom , Sat - 10:00 again and exit/return to see Gina. Use the drill on the wall on the far right to make a hole. This time give her the Extra Small Jeans. She will go into the toilet to test them

17. Look through the hole and see her struggling to put them on

18. Rest , go to shop and buy the Small Jeans this time (not extra small)

19. Return house , Sat-10:00 , and give her the small jenas

20 - Extra step/not mandatory. IF you have the pink panties , give them to her. you can view the scene with her in panties instead with jeans (but you still need to give her the jeans)

21. Go and buy the Earrings

22. Sat-10:00 , Give her the Earrings - Watch scene and where she put them.

End of v0.02


You can view through the hole and sometimes the milf will appear cleaning it.

- 0.03 -

1. Go downstairs and talk with Milf - She will tell you the Gina has left her phone number

2. Call Gina - Her mom will answer

3. Go to your room and wait until 19:00. Go downstairs and Call Gina.

4. Go to the Shop and Buy Real Earrings. After the discussion the option will not be there and it will be replaced by another in Electronics - Camera

5. Buy the Camera

6. On Tuesdays Morning , the milf will be cleaning the floor exposing her ass. Use the camera on her to take a photo

7. Go back to Shop and give Jason the photo of the milf and he will give you Real Earrings

8. Wait until 19:00 and call Gina and tell her about Earrings

9. Go to your Room - Scene-

10. CAREFULLY Select your punishment from the milf as it will affect the game and way you play. One option will reduce your daily bra/steal income by half while the other will restrict you in the house daily unless your Study is above 20

11. Rest and Go Downstairs in the morning , talk with Milf. She will tell you that she lost her key and that she is angry with you and Gina

12. Go in bathroom and get Gina's clothes from the counter (don't forget step 11)

13. Go in the Kitchen and grab key

14. Go in Shop and buy replicator

15. Use Parents Key on Replicator

16.- Extra Step - At Horny level 4 you can drop the Shampoo on the Laundry to mask the scent of your dirty cum-socks. If you do that step then later the Milf will appear in her underwear when she does the next (below) scene

17. Use Replicated Key on Parents Door in the Corridor at 20:00 , get caught -again- and give her the Key.

End of 0.03
- 0.04 -

1. Leveled up to Horny 5. Talk with Milf in kitchen. She will ground you in the house and forbid you to call Gina.

2. Visit Mom's bedroom at any time in the morning. Steal money from her wallet , go to your room and sleep. Repeat this process for 3 days in a row and the hero will find a Credit card.
Note : The higher the Study skill the more money you can steal from the purse. If you have really low study , just max it up and then resume stealing. You can still steal money from her bra and from cleaning your room as well.

3. Once you get her credit card, replicate it using the replicator in her room. If you try to exit the room the hero will put the card back. Once you exit the room you should have the Fake Credit Card

4. Wait until 14:00 and go downstairs in living room and talk with mom.

5. Go outside (use main door , it is accessible now) and get the letter from the mailbox. This will add Milf-Flix on the phone memory

6. Go to your room and sleep. Next morning while the mom is in the kitchen go to living room and call Milf-Flix.

7. Wait until 14:00 and talk with mom in living room. She will allow you to go to Jason (Milftoon Shop)

8. Go to Shop and use Wallet on Jason. Jason will tell you that he needs more photos of mom

9. Buy Shampoo from shop (Extras)

10. Go in house and then in bathroom. Use Shampoo that you have from previously on laundry to empty it.

11. Use Empty bottle on bought Shampoo (diluted)

12. Place New shampoo near mirror in bathroom.

13. Wait until Wednesday morning (8:00) and go to corridor. Unclick the Heater Switch so that there will be no fog in bathroom

14. Wait until 18:00 and go in bathroom. There should not be any fog/moisture. Click on Mom to view scene. If everything done correctly then the mom's boobs should be visible this time with the bubbles gone.

15. Use camera on bath (bathroom not in scene) to take mom photo.

16. Leave and get caught. Select any punishment but 1st is best. (-$5)

17. Visit Jason and give him photo

End of 0.04
- 0.05 -

1. Go back Home and see the scene with Mom and Dad

2. Wait until 14:00 and talk with Mom in living room. She will tell you that she wants to get a tan so she can start getting some attention from Dad.

3. Go to Milftoon Shop , it should be closed with the Police Milf there. Talk to her. She will give you her phone number and tell you that Jason is under investigation from the police

4. Go back home and use a Taxi to go to Jason's house.

5. Meet with Jason's mom , She will tell you that Jason is now dating Gina and that she needs to do some work for her. In exchange she will do you a few favors in the future and you agree.

6. Leave , go home and sleep/get money for at least 5-6 days.

7. Return to Jason's house and she will give you a Packed Pool. - If you go earlier she will send you away and you need to wait again a few days-

8. Outside your house setup the pool.

9. Wait until mom is in the living room and talk to her about the pool. She will tell you that she does not have a bathing suit.

10. Go outside and check the mail. Get magazine from mailbox and it will be added in the phonebook.

11. Try to order a swimsuit. It won't let you because you do not know her size

12. Sleep until Monday morning and then sneak into her bedroom.

13. View her panties/bra on the floor. You will get her size 28F

SAVE GAME - So you can return and order the other swimsuit if you want

14. Go downstairs and call the Milf-World. Select the swimsuit of your choice (Bikini or Full) and select size 28F.

15. Sleep 3-5 days until package arrives outside next to mail box.

16. Wait until Mom is in living room and give her the box.

17. Head outside and view her at pool

18. Talk to her. She will tell you that she needs a better tanning oil.

19. Wait a couple of days and go to Jason's house. Get the suspicious looking package near the door

20. Go to outside of your house and give her the oil. You need to have at least $50 to start scene

21. Play with the options until you get the correct ones. These usually are the same but for fun we set it so that sometimes they are mixed. Try/error until hero cums on her

22. Level Up

23. Go to Jason's house


24. Talk to maid. She will tell you that she wants $300.

End of 0.05

- 0.06 -

1. Go to Jason house and talk with Maid (previous version ending)

2. Maid will let you go through the door now. Click on left door to go to pool.

3. Talk with milf in pool. She will ask you to pour her a drink (you need to talk to her or Joey wont do it)

4. Grab the shaker but do not pour her a drink. If you do , nothing will happen and the next day she will be in the same spot doing same thing again.

5. Go home and wait until Sunday Morning. Go in mom's bedroom and you will see that she has wine next to her bed.

6. Use Shaker on the Wine glass to mix them up.
Hint: Mrs Gloria (Rich Milf) told you about your mom's drinking habits. "This is an expensive drink , not like that cheap wine your mom drinks at night to comfort herself about her poor life choices"

7. Go back to Jasons house pool and use Shaker on the empty glass. Leave and return.
Hint: If you return on a Wed , you will see her topless sleeping on the pool bed. You can't do anything besides watch/admire her on Weds. If you return any other day she will be out sitting by the pool.

7. Talk to her and use all the options.

8. Leave and return again the next day.

9. Talk to her again but this time a new option will appear. Talk to her and this time Joey will blackmail her into giving him a handjob/boobjob but she says she will do it when she feels like it.

End of 0.06

- 0.07 -

1. Visit Gloria and keep talking to her until she mentions that your mom secretly goes out at nights. Mark down the day and time.

2. Go home and wait until the day/hour from previous step. Go in the living room to meet your mom and talk to her. She will reveal where Jason is.

3. Study until full. Visit the Milftoon Shop and talk with police Milf. Betray your friend with option "Be Smart About it". If you are not fully study then the option will not appear.

4. Leave , return to shop. Jason will be there. Talk to him.

5. Buy from Milftoon shop (Drop wallet) from Extras the Voucher ($250)

6. Visit the Jason House and Go at the pool. Talk to her. She will tell you that she won't do it unless she knows that Jason is at the shop and she wants proof. Show her the Voucher (Drag and drop it on her)

7. View scene. After scene Joey will go back home. Repeat this scene 3 times until Joey asks for sex.

8. Do again a boobjob , this time she will be topless

9. Talk to her about sex. Keep begging , crying until she accepts. It could take up to a few times (lots)

10. She will give you a nail file. Use it on the umbrella on the top left of the pool to get the rope

11. Go back in your house and into your bedroom.

12. Use the rope (drag/drop) on your window so that Joey can prepare a way into the house for Rich Milf

13. Visit Rich Milf and tell her that you have made the preparations.

End of 0.07

- 0.08 -

1. Visit Gloria and tell her that you made the preparations. She will tell you to call her at night and she will give you her number.

2. Go in Jason's house living room and drop the wallet on the maid. She will give you a 50% Discount Coupon that she found in the house.

3. Go in Joeys house and into the bathroom. The First Aid Kit on the wall in now interact-able. Click on it to get Pills.

4. Wait until 20:00 and call Gloria's Cell (mobile phone). She may or may not accept. It's a 50%-50% chance she will be available. If she can't then the hero will go to sleep , wait until 20:00 and try again until she arrives. When she arrives the hero will tell you that she is upstairs

5. Go in hero bedroom , and click on her. Select "Stare" - enjoy

6. Click on her again , Talk to her. She will tell you that she has a list of things that she wants you to do before letting you touch her. You can't do anything at this point so go to sleep.

7. Study max and daily sneak into parents room and steal money until you are maxed.

8. Visit the shop. Use Wallet on Jason to view the shop and select "Extras" and then "ROOF-IES". Jason will tell you that you can't buy them.

9. Drag/Drop the 50% Gift Voucher on Jason. He will sell you the ROOF-IES but only the box.

10. Combine (Drag and Drop on one another) the Empty Pill Box with the Pills that you got from the First Aid Kit (the Birth Control pills)

11. Go home , Get some sleep and money (no need max). Keep calling Gloria until she arrives , try to give her the Fake Pills. Joey will have a moment of clarity and realize that something is wrong with the things that she is asking and will decide to record the whole thing.

12. Sleep , go downstairs and into the kitchen. View Spy Cam shop ad on fridge

13. Go in Living room and call SPY PLANET. Order the SEXY REXY DOLL

14. Sleep , collect Money for 3 - 5 days or until the package arrives outside the house. Once you have the Sexy Rexy Spy Doll, go in your bedroom and replace (drag/drop) it with the Dino doll (they look exactly the same)

15. Call Gloria again , when she arrives , give her the Fake Pills and this time she will accept

16. Watch Scene

17. Leveled up to Horny 8. Visit Jason's house and talk with Gloria , she will tell you that she will only visit you in your house and won't have sex there. If you want to view boob-scene just give her the Voucher.

18. Go Home , call Gloria again (remember always at 20:00) until she arrives. Give her the fake pills again to do it again. She will start to be nicer to you but still not trustworthy. This time when the scene is finished you will get caught by your mom but lucky for you she didn't see who else was in the bedroom.

19. Next morning go in the Kitchen and talk with your mom. She will start acting weird from seeing you naked the night before.

End of 0.08

- 0.085 -

1.Speak to Linda in the kitchen around 8am,MC will devise a plan to get Mrs Jacksons number.

2.Saturday at 8pm go to lounge to see Linda in black dress and speak to her, she will give you Mrs Jacksons number.

3.Any weekday at 5pm phone Mrs Jackson, she will give you special quiz line to dial.

4.Dial the quiz line. (Answers:Aunt,Blue,Toothbrush,,Cucumber)
Note: You need to be at Study 26+ for the correct answers to appear.

5.Call Gloria for sex at 8pm...when she arrives left click on her and choose the new option:"Mom sleeping"
she will ask her to check on Mom so go to her room.

6.You can now spy on Linda in her room on weekdays at 8pm...

7.Go to lounge on weekdays at 2pm and view new scene. Mrs Kelly will give you her private number.

8.New option available when spying on Linda at 8pm(remove top).

9.Save your game.

10.Call Mrs Kelly weekdays at 5pm...This is the end of current version, game will exit to main menu.

End of 0.085

- 0.10 - Beta -

* You should daily steal money from House Milf purse from her bedroom so you will always be at max money.

1. Go at any morning , before 12:00 in House Living room and Call - Mrs Kelly - Private Cell

2. Wait until any time between 13:00-16:00 and go in Living room. Milfs will be workout out there

3. Talk with House Milf

4. Go in Kitchen , Click on Fridge to get Bottle of Water

5. Go back in Living room and drag/drop Bottle of Water on House Milf. She will take it and drink it.

6. Return back to Kitchen and grab another bottle of Water from fridge. This time , do not give it to her.

7. Go to sleep

8. Call a taxi and go to Milftoon Shop

9. Drop Wallet on Jason , On the EXTRAS category buy the Cough Syrup and Pain Killers

10. Return home

11. Combine (drag/drop) the Cough Syrup with Water in Bottle to get Sleepy Water

12. Wait until 13:00-16:00 and go in Living room to see Milfs workout out

13. *You need at least $100 to do this*. Drag/Drop on House Milf the Sleepy Water

The game here will allow you to select which Milf you want to do have a scene. Joey will go upstairs to check if the House Milf is sleeping. Leaving from there will result in a scene with Mrs Kelly. Staying there and selecting the option "Do what you shouldn't do" will result in a scene with House Milf.

In order to progress in the game you need to do BOTH scenes so select the way you prefer from the two below:
Kelly first
14 - Kelly - Select "Leave and go Back to Mrs Kelly"
15 - Kelly - Horny Level Increased
16 - Kelly - Wait until 20:00 and visit House Milf Bedroom
17 - Kelly - View Her , remove top for maximum enjoyment and Select "Do what you Shouldn't do"
18 - Kelly - Watch House milf swallow the semen
19 - Kelly - House Milf will now be in the living room in the mornings instead in the Kitchen

Linda first
14 - Linda - Select "Remove her top"
15 - Linda - Select "Do what you shouldn't do"
16 - Linda - Next day , wait until 17:00 and go to Living room
17 - Linda - Drop Wallet on Mrs Kelly (be sure to have at least $100)
18 - Linda - Select "Leave and go Back to Mrs Kelly"
19 - Linda - Horny Level Increased
20 - Linda - Wait until 20:00 and visit House Milf Bedroom
21 - Linda - View Her , remove top for maximum enjoyment and Select "Do what you Shouldn't do"
22 - Linda - Watch House milf swallow the semen
23 - Linda - House Milf will now be in the living room in the mornings instead in the Kitchen

Kelly will appear everyday at 13:00-16:00 working out with House milf but also at 17:00 where she will be waiting for you (and $100) to repeat her scene

Continuing :

24 - Call Gloria at 20:00 until she arrives.

25 - Click on Her and talk to her about Jason.

26 - Sleep or do scene with her or with House Milf

27 - In morning , go in Living room and View House Milf , Talk to her about Workout Pains and Casino Prep

28 - Giving her the Pain Killers will end the Version

End of 0.10

- 0.11 - Beta -

1 - Wait until Morning and go in the living room. Give Linda the PainKillers

2 - Talk with Laticia

3 - Leave

4- Call Mrs Kunt Stable from your house phone

5 - Sleep. Next morning go to Living room and Call Taxi. Select Laticia Option. (Be sure to always have $250 or more)

6 - At Laticia's house , call the police (click on her phone on the left)

7 - The police will arrive and the milfs will go away.

8 - Give the Police Milf the Box of Oil Lubricants

9 - Drop the Wallet on Laticia.

10 - Play and win Milf Jack with her. You need to win 5 times (until the coins on the right fill up)

11 - Scene and you get caught

12 - Sleep , Next morning in the living room talk with Linda

End of 0.11

To void confusion , when each version ends the game will exit into the Main Start Menu. This is done on purpose so we can minimize the amount of bugs that may appear in the next version so please save often.

If your game version is acting up then either load from a previous save or restart the game.
It is highly advised to use a different Save slot each time. You can not make mistakes in this game but you can surely save time if you read through the discussions and understand what needs to be done.

- 0.12 - Beta -
1 - Sleep - Go downstairs in living room and speak with milf. She will tell you about the plumber in the kitchen.
2 - Go in the Kitchen and talk with Mr S.S. He will tell you that he needs some pipes.
3 - Max out Money by stealing from mom's purse daily.
4 - Visit Jason at the shop , buy the 2 set's of pipes and the tape. All of them are located in the Extras Section.
5 - Go back to the Kitchen and give the pipes to Mr. S.S. Click on him once you give him both pipes to view the pipe puzzle.
6 - Solve the pipe puzzle. Make sure that the spots that need to be empty are empty. Click on the Left or Right sides to test if the water is good. If you did it correctly then Joey will tell you that the water flow is good but he needs to fix the leak. Use the Tape on the leak (top right) to seal it.
7 - After scene , you should have a Wedding Ring. Now the Garden behind the house is available.
8 - Visit the Garden. Exit the house , click on the Right of the door where it says Back of House.
9 - Talk and View Milf.
10 - Give Milf the Wedding ring. Joey will get hint on what to do with Ring.
11 - Go in Parents room and use Wedding Ring on Jewelry
12 - Sleep
13 - Use Milftoon Station to skip time sooner , and wait until 20:00. Go downstairs and call Gloria. At option , select to stay and view movie late at night
14 - At night , living room , leave the room by going back upstairs. Note: 3/4 times the milf will appear provided that you have the jewelry. You need to do this scene 4 times as each time that you catch her sleepwalking she will tell you a little bit more.
15 - At the 4th time and you catch her , after conversation , select "Hug"
16 - View Scene
17 - Next morning , Visit Jason to buy Seeds

- 0.13 - Beta -
1-Take the Taxi to the Milftoon Shop and buy corn form the extras menus (this is how you aquire money)
2-Wait 5 days and cut the corn with the nail file
3-Call Gloria at 20:00
4-Repeat steps 1 & 2 to get $250+
5-Take the Taxi to the Milftoon Gallery ($50)
6-Pay the $150
7-Speak to Gloria
8-Pickup the Order Document on the table by plant, next to Gloria
9-Give to Gloria, she will say no
10-Leave by the doors on the right
11-Take the Taxi to the Milftoon Shop
12-Give the Order Document to Jason and buy more Seeds
13-Repeat steps 1 & 2 to get $250+
14-Take the Taxi to the Milftoon Gallery ($50)
15-Pay the $150
16-Give the Order Document to Mrs French
17-You can try and save here if you can, if not you might have to repeat steps 12-16
18-Speak to Gloria
19-ENJOY!!!! (in case you've seen it already, press escape to skip)

- 0.14 - Beta -
1. Talk with Gloria at the Gallery to do her scene
2. Go home - Return to Gallery and talk with Gloria again. She will tell you about Jason's party that you need to plan. You should also now have Candy
3. Go home - You will find an old man and his bike in the front yard of the house. Talk to him
4. Living room - Use the phone to visit the Gym via Taxi
5. At the Gym , talk with Kelly. You need to try every few seconds until she has finished her workout. Once you talk to her she will tell you about Gloria's old photos that sh
6. Go Home - Taxi - Gallery - Talk with Gloria. This time she will tell you about her old photos and she will let you take some photos of her.
7. Drag-Drop your digital camera from your inventory on Gloria - Scene
8. Go Home - Taxi - Gym - Talk with Kelly. Drag and Drop Photoshoot photos. She will give you a Pump and Multivitamins
9. Go Home - go in Garden and grab Leaf
10. Go to the Milftoon Shop - Buy Glory Hole sealer
11. Drag-Drop Multivitamins on Jason
12. Go Home - Taxi - Gym - Talk with Kelly - Tell her about her vitamins - Scene
13. Go Home - Return to Gym (you need to leave and return) - Talk to Her and she will give you Oil.
14. Go Home - Drag Drop - Glory Hole Sealer on Bike. Then Drag and Drop Pump. Drag and Drop Oil. Bike now should be fixed. Talk with Old man again. Cutscene with dad in the house
15. Go To Gym - Talk with Kelly - Give her the Jewelry/Wedding ring. She will think that you want to marry and decline you but she will let you do "halfsex" with her. - Scene

- 0.15 - Beta –
1. Talk to Linda she will tell you she wants a cock-tail drink called a "smooth cock”.
2. Go through the door click on Mrs. Gloria, she will ask where Jason is and asks you to find him.
3. Click on the phone behind her to call Jason.
4. Click on Mrs. Gloria again she will ask you to find her bathing suit by the bouncy castle.
5. Go outside talk to Gina, then drop your wallet on her she will give you Mrs. Gloria's bathing suit.
6. Go back to Mrs. Gloria and drop the bathing suit on her.
7. Mrs. Gloria will give you a black box (battery), go to the bouncy castle and drop the battery on the generator. You will receive a smoothie.
8. Click on the cock-tail glasses on the table next to Linda to receive a cock-tail.
9. Go back inside and click on the vase with flowers on the table to receive ice.
10. You now have all the ingredients necessary for a smooth cock. Drop the smoothie on the cock-tail to create a hot smooth-cock. Then drop ice on it to make a leafless smooth cock. Then add the leaf in your inventory to finally create a smooth cock.
11. Finally give the drink to Linda she will give you a bathing suit.
12. Talk to Mrs. Laticia. Then drop the bathing suit Linda gave to you on her. She will give you oil.
13. Go into the Bouncy house and drop the oil on the floor.
14. Go outside talk to Gina. Go back to the bouncy castle. Linda Scene.

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